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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm NOT saying I like it

But apparently, it's running on the dreadmill that is killing me. I did my run today (4/1 x 6) outside again, in the sunshine, and it *swallow* wasn't so bad. Yes, my hips hurt, and I'm sure they will kill tomorrow, but with all I have on my mind, it was good to get out and exert myself. And it wasn't HALF as bad as Monday on the machine. I'm thinking I need to get out more.

Speaking of "all I have on my mind". Logan had to have an EKG today. Watching your child be hooked up to a heart moniter... not cool. The doctor listened to his heart today and said that it was beating irregular. He had collapsed in school today when standing in the hall. Just fell against a locker and slid down. The nurse felt his pulse was irratic, and his pupils were not responding in a way she liked. So they called me and dropped him off at the care clinic.

Then, we're ate the BioMedical Lab, and the EKG is being done, and the tech askes him about his pain. He tells her that today's was different, it was the first time he had that pain. The other pain is when he breathes too deep sometimes, it feels like his lungs are crushing his heart to his chest. Quote unquote. How long has this been happening she asks. A couple years, he responds. I'm sitting in the corner with huge eyeballs. This is the first I've heard about this, I tell the techie. Logan says "it always went away so I didn't think it was worth saying anything to anyone". Gawd!!

So because he's only 14, the test has to go to a pediatrician, and they will call us in a couple of days.

The waiting begins.


sesame said...

Did Logan tell you I called last night? He said something about talking to someone elst and the phone dying..."I said just make sure to tell your mom I am home and that I called"

Question...did they do blood work on Logan at the lab too?

You should get the test results from the EKG right away. I think I had mine within 1-2 days.

After I talked to you I began to think of all sorts of things that can effect the heart...high caffine drinks etc. Did they ask him about or test him for consumables?

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Yeah, he did, and in typical Logan fashion he had no answer for me about whether you wanted me to call you.

Yes they did blookwork too. Noone asked about consumables. The tests were all three letters long, and outside of mono and ekg, i don't know what any of them were.

Magda said...

do the hip spin thing.. and stretch more before and after it'll loosen the hips... that stupid hip rotation thing looks retarded but helps. :)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

What hip spin thing???