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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oh my GOD!!

... do my quads hurt!! I thought they were bad YESTERDAY. Today they are worse, and what's more, my glutes have decided they need to be heard, too.

I'm seeing a whole smurfload of A5-35 in my future, yes I am. Buy stock, people. I'm tellin ya.

Here's my menu today:

Br: Egg-el (WW bagel 2pts, egg white, ff cheese, 1/8 avocado, light mayo 1 pt)
Lu: crab, couscous, hot sauce, broccoli, glass of milk
Sn: cottage cheese & apple
Dn: roasted turkey thigh over salad
Sn: popcorn w/ healthy oil

I received an email about Splenda, from FormerFatGuy.com. I've been contemplating cutting it out of my life, and after reading that newsletter, I definately am. I cannot reasonably logic myself into poisoning my body when I'm working so hard to get healthy. Education is a dangerous thing... lol. It's one thing to live/eat/breathe in ignorance, but now that I have been educated, I just cannot bring myself to choose to continue ingesting it. It seems ridiculous to me.

Of course, it cannot necessarily be avoided completely. I will still want the occasional diet pop or whatever, but I'm not going to be having it in my tea or on my popcorn anymore. I'll need to find a healthier alternative. I'm leaning towards demorara (sp?) sugar, which seems to be the alternate of choice. Or honey where usable (definately not on popcorn, lol).

Here's my quandry... I have a ton of splenda left over. I'd hate to waste it, but I can't in good concious say "Hey Sis, I'm not poisoning myself with this shit anymore... want it?" LOL


Magda said...

Maybe give it to mom? I mean she's diabetic and uses it anyway....

What's so bad about splenda?

Your Mommy said...

yes my loves I have tried them all as i do not like to use artaficel stuff never drank any diet pop till I had too. If I use suger in any form i well die really fast so I think slow is better...lol and as the stuff they rec amend in the email has a very have aftertaste and makes me sick the though up kind. I do not think any one who is not a diabetic should use any of that shit. and you are right any unrefined stuff is much better for you. i well be coming down to van on september7 till the 14th i need to go to Victoria for the 10 at 2 pm need to talk at you when you have a minute in the next few days. I well flight to van