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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Wounded!

Owie, owie owie owie, *sob*.

I have a blister! I know, I'm such a whiner. But I couldn't snivel when I realized I had it cuz my niece, who is the biggest drama queen I know when it comes to personal injury, was watching. So I had to show her how to blow off the fact that you are bleeding into your runner.

My shoes were rubbing the last few times I ran, so on Tuesday I took it fairly easy, hoping to just break in my skin. But alas, it was too much, and I had to do my workout barefoot, it was so tender after my run. Today, I thought 'fuck it', and ran! I could feel it rubbing, but then it seemed to go away, and the exhiliration of the run took over. I get to the school, and do my cool down by walking around the schoolyard until the bell rings. But as I'm walking, my sock is feeling kinda funny. Just as I get to the classroom, and Aly comes out, I'm pulling my sock up to see what the deal is, and Aly yells "what's that red thing, Aunty?"

Well. Now I have to play tough, even though the pain is starting to set in, because I've worn right through the skin and am seriously bleeding into my runner! The funny feeling was the sock sticking to my skin on one side, and my runner on the other! "Blood" I say in my best nonchalant voice. Well, she freaks! I need a bandaid! Maybe we should go into the school and wash it off! What are we going to do! "Nah," I respond. "I'm tough, let's just go home."

I think, for the first time ever, I truly impressed my niece. I think I rose a level in her little mind. I'm TOUGH. I was BLEEEDING. And I was OKAY.

It took everything in me not to limp home. And today of all days, she wants to run! Hello? Bleeding into my shoe here! LOL I did say that, but again, nonchalantly. She was instantly attentive again... for all of two seconds before it was back to her: Can I run? Sure you can. I'll be right behind you (limping when you aren't looking).

Aerobics tonight is barefoot again. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I have to keep running to train. Maybe I'll get a set of inserts. If my foot was up about 1/4 inch, it wouldn't rub. Thoughts?

Thanks for listening,



Bee said...

Oh man, I feel your pain. I did that once...walked with new sneaks way too much and came home with two bleeding blood blisters on my heels. It took like three weeks to heal.

Good job on toughing it out, I whined like the baby that I am. =)

Magda said...

listers can be caused and prevented in a number of ways... if you're shoes are the wrong size .. big or small you will get blisters (mine are too big.. because I'm a cheapskate) :P and I got two huge ones going for a power walk. I don't usually get them when I run short distances. (can't run right now.. something wrong with my shin)
But I have don't what you're talking about and it hurts and it hurts like fuck for ages.

How old are your runners (as this is a new thing I'm assuming they are the right size). Runners can only take so many Km's and then they look fine but they are don't. Getting blisters from them and your joints and shin start to hurt after a run. I just recognize the signs and the shoes are retired as my new biking/other stuff shoes and I get new runners.

you're best bet... is to use athletic tape... and tape everywhere that might/ usually runs BEFORE you run. If you really want to run before it all heals... it's going it be horrifyingly painful. But if you bandage it and then athletic tape (tightly, without cutting off the circulation) over top it will be 'ok'.

hope that helps :)

farm girl. said...

thoughts? OUCH!

= )

(way to go with the tough show - i think i might have whined...)

Graciela said...

I did the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk a few years back, and got horrible blisters the first day. I ended up taking real pain pills (hydrocodone) to get through the next two days days. But I did it!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Yeah, they are new shoes. And I think they might be a half size too big. But I can't afford to go buy another pair, and by the time I figured out that they were too big, I had worn them a number of times outside. So inserts will be my choice of trying to fix the situation cheaply. If all else fails I will have to break down and buy a new pair... but I don't want to yet.

sesame said...

I just did my catch up reading on your blog this morning. Some of the references to my Bitzen had me fighting not to spit my coffee on the steering wheel.