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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rotten Kid, Good Eats, Wicked Workouts

Because of a rotten child (you know who you are) that has a love of music and no sense of personal property boundries, the camera batteries were dead for half the day. He takes my batteries OUT of the charger, charges his (which are actually MINE) and does he put mine back in? Nope, he lets em sit there, dead. So I take my breaky pic today, guess what? Batteries die. That's okay, off to the charger I saunter. Uh oh... batteries aren't in the charger. Put em in my camera. DEAD. Fucker. Yep, I said it. I said it about my kid. Those that don't know me are horrified right now. Those that do are laughing. When he reads this, he'll be laughing louder. Don't bother calling social services. I'm the coolest mom EVER. (see former pictures of different colour mohawks. :P)

So, I have a shot of Breakfast. It's 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 cup almond breeze, 25 grams prunes (cuz I like em, not for medicinal purposes :eyebrow wiggle:), a tablespoon each of PB2 and almonds. With milk and vitamins 388 calories.

Lunch was ... what was lunch? RIGHT! It was 3oz pork tenderloin with a cup of steamed cabbage and a half cup of couscous with a shot of soy sauce. About an hour before lunch I got growly, so I ate three ounces of imitation crab. All told 319 calories.

My snack will make most people wrinkle their nose... but it was actually good and hit the spot. And no, I'm not pregnant. I took three ounces of leftover garlic baked tofu, and served it on ancient grain crackers (they are Blue Menu and they are awesome!) with a smear of diet strawberry jam. I know! I told you it was weird!! But for 249 calories, I was a happy girl!

Dinner was yummers! I made Bison Chili (pound bison, half a large onion, can of corn, can of white kidney beans, can of black beans, throw in spices, voila 184 calories a cup) and served 1.5 cups of it on top of fresh spinach for EXTRA fibre goodness... lol. Top that with a couple tablespoons of Asiago and you have yourself a 344 calorie dinner!

So for the day I've had 1300 calories??? Holy shit! I'm down like... LOL 709 calories for the day... AND I've not logged my next workout. Shit. ... omg, so I logged only 30 minutes for my next workout, plus the walk I went on today, and I have over 900 calories left to eat for the day. Um, yeah. I don't think that's happening.

Unless.... popcorn? Maybe? ... We'll see.

Now on to the excercise... I have to tell you the FUNNIEST story! Michelle (my workout BUDDY!!!) bought DAMN I can never remember the name of it... I want to say Tae Bo, but it's not. Okay I called her, it's Turbo Jam. So we did both workouts on there, for a total of 35 minutes and while it was fantastic (I could feel my abs this morning!), we felt like it wasn't enough. So, we plugged in Jillian's Shred... Level 3. I said, if it's too much I'm not doing it, and Michelle says "I never quit". Lemme tell ya? After one (ONE) circuit, we both called Uncle with sweat POURING off us, DYING. There was no way, with our already worked out bodies that we were doing that shit. DONE!!! lolololol

I wandered home to indulge in some Amish cake and tea and company... it was so nice!

My girlfriend doesn't have VHS anymore so she came over to give me her collection. Woot!! And, fan-fucking-tastic, there are two STEP aerobics tapes in here!! I love love LOVE step aerobics! I got a step for Christmas but haven't found any workouts yet, so how happy was I? I did one at lunch today, and yes, it kicked my ass... but it felt sooooo good. The only thing is my step is really narrow, so it's hard to get both feet on it when it's long.

Okay, that's pretty much it for today. Time to go workout again! Then it's three days off. Aaaaah! Although, really, I should get a run or two in. I've really been slackin. Sun Run may be a little slower this year!

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Krista "Phoenix" said...

LOL ok, that's AWESOME, I swear about my kids too... although, they're too young still for me to do it to their faces LOL... But the second they're old enough, boy will they be getting an ear full from me! hahahahahahahaha!

Well, seriously! kids ARE fuckers!

♥ Dee ♥ said...