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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Eats!

Before I get to the food, remember I said I wished I had taken a pic of my measuring equipment? Well, I did! *shakes head* You poor poor readers. You are going to end up inundated with pics of my stuff. Seriously, a monster has been released. And it holds a camera. My cairn is constantly slamming herself out the pet door, because she hates the camera and escapes before I can take a picture of her. She doesn't care if you are NOT taking a pic of her, because you just MIGHT and it's not ALLOWED. My weiner on the other hand... I just finished taking pics of my dinner when I see him below, staring longingly at the camera. He's so funny. I'll take pics of them later.

Measure Central!
This is on top of my toaster oven, right where I do all my prep work. Very convenient!

Breakfast this morning was different. An english muffin, toasted and mustarded (it's a word now, shut up), with 1/4 cup egg white and a tablespoon asiago cheese. On the side was a dish of 1/2 cup fresh pineapple and a tablespoon walnuts. Milk and vitamins rounded it out. (tee hee, that sounds so critiquesque) A total of 391 calories.

Lunch today was a bait and switch. I thought I had a Blue Menu tomato soup, so I had my tastebuds all set for grilled cheese and tomato. Nope, none left. And I didn't WANT to dip my grilled cheese in squash or carrot soup. Not the same. So, I made a can of Campbells, and logged it after I'd eaten it. If I had known how bad it was nutritionally, I never would have eaten that can of poison!!! Holy SHIT. One cup of soup has 1420 grams of sodium. That's 62% of your daily recommended intake. WTF??? And at 180 calories, so completely not worth it. And that's when it's made with water (which it was)!!!
The sandwich was meh. Instead of buttering the bread for a bizmillion calories, I sprayed it with my misto of olive oil and fried it. Sooo not the same. But, I can get used to it. Or just spend the calories when I want a real grilled cheese. What I'll save using good tomato soup will make up for the expenditure of the margarine.
Either way, today's lunch was truly not great at 472 calories. Pfffffffft.

Dinner... now dinner was fucking incredible!!! Oh yes it WAS! I put a pork shoulder (bone in) in the oven for about five hours at 200 degrees. I squirted dijon horseradish mustard on it, and had it sitting on a chopped in half onion. While it was 'resting' waiting to be cut up, I steamed fresh green beans in a sauce pan. When they were el dente, I chopped those onions up, and threw them in with the beans. Splash with worcestershire sauce, and toss in a couple tablespoons of sliced almonds and you have a freaking incredible side dish. I also steamed sliced yellow baby potatoes and drew a line of ketchup type sauce (Blue Menu). 50z of the pork, 2.35 oz of the potatoes, and 5oz of the veggies makes a really happy Dee for 408 calories.

The only excercise I got today was doing an ab workout and having some nookie time, so not a lot of calories to play with today. My total intake was 1271 for the day. You'll notice there was not a snack. I had breakfast at 10am, so I held off lunch until 1pm. I had a Timmy's with milk and sweetener (oh damn, I guess I shoulda taken a pic of it) in the afternoon, so I guess that was my snack. Hey, I didn't calculate the calories for that!!! Hmm, I wonder how much milk they use. Can't be more than 40 calories worth. Let's call it 40.
Well, I'm off to go snuggle my man on the couch and watch hockey... or read a magazine while listening to hockey, anyways.
Have a nice evening!



MeltingLisa said...

Hahahaha "nookie time" haha

Okay moment over!

Anonymous said...

that dinner looks great!
OH...and i've been meaning to ask- what is OP?

Krista "Phoenix" said...

Melting Lisa: I'm with you!!! Nookie Time! tee hee

Sweet26: On Plan!

Dee: YUMMMMMMMM and aw crappy about the soup, I knew it was high for sodium but had NO clue how high... kinda wish I didn't know! LOL! Ew!

Krista "Phoenix" said...

meant to ask you, where do you buy PB2 from?!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

LOL... I love the responses to nookie time!

Thanks for answering what OP means, Krista. :)

And as for PB2, I've never seen it in Canada. My sister mailordered it for me online. If you google it, you'll find their website.