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Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

♪ What Have You Done Today, To Make You Feeeel Proud ♪

DAMN, I love that song. Actually, DAMN I love SINGING that song!!

I have one more workout to get through today. I have gone a little over on my calories because I forgot to incorporate an afternoon snack. And after doing a run/speedwalk at lunch, and walking to get my niece in the afternoon, I was a hongry girl!

I kinda feel like all I'm reporting these days is food... but then, that's all I got, really. Work has been swampy. I feel like I go go go every day until 8pm, between work, commitments and working out. I get 2-3 workouts in a day, so that's good.

I did some investigating today about calories again. I'm not convinced I'm eating what I'm supposed to be. But it freaks me out to eat more, in case I'm wrong. I mean, I'm eating a healthy amount and losing at a healthy rate, so messing with it would purely be for vanity's sake.

I see my doctor tomorrow, and I'm taking along a list of my vitamins, a printout of an average day from NutriMirror, and requesting bloodwork to see where my body is at. I'm a little excited about it, to be honest. I have a list of things to talk to him about.

On to the eats!

Breakfast today had a Mexican flair. A whole wheat english muffin (well, THAT's not very mexican, is it?), 1/4 cup egg white, and a tablespoon each of guacamole and salsa (Ole!), paired with 2/3 cup pineapple and tablespoon of toasted almonds. Served with a glass of skim and vitamins for a total of 439 calories.

Lunch was another salad today. It's on the menu all week actually, in different forms. Today's had 3oz baked tofu, 20 grams green olives, 1/2 an egg white, 1/4 cup craisins, 10 grams blue cheese, and a tablespoon of dressing for a total of 393 calories.

Doh! I forgot to take a pic of my snack! I was on a call when I made it, so distracted. It was an apple with PB2 for 108 calories. Which reminds me... I'm going to have to hit Sammy up for her credit card tomorrow (payday) and order more PB2... I'm almost OUT! The HORROR!

Dinner is a little skimpy, but that's because I'm getting my grains later in the form of POPCORN!!! **happy happy happy dance** So on the plate we have a filet of salmon, 4 spears of asparagus, and 175 grams of cauliflower. The veggies were steamed, nothing added. This plate equals 203 calories.

I haven't made the popcorn yet... I'll post a pic of it tomorrow. I can tell you it will be 570 calories (yes, I know, but I like quantity and lots of butter ☺) for a grand total for the day of 1713 calories.

Remember I mentioned my dogs? Well here is Oscar, trying to cajole me into giving him my breakfast.

And here is Morgana's ass heading out the door because that goddam camera is back.

LOL... funny critters they are.
Have a great night, folks! I'm off to work out with my buddy (waves at Michelle!) and then watch Biggest Loser!!


Anonymous said...

awww cute puppies. and man, you're amazing with your working out! what an inspiration!