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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Product Preview & Spring has Sprung!

First, I absolutely HAVE to tell you about my new find. After the Sun Run, you go into BC Place and they have food to fuel you back up. You can stand in line forever for a power bar (no thanks, not worth it to me), or snatch and grab from the gigantic island of tables in the middle for a banana and orange slices (yum!) and mini bagels (I took one, had a couple bites and decided it wasn't a ten and chucked it), or there was a juice box giveaway as well (juice is not worth the calories to me). Island Farms is one of the participants, and they were giving away yogurt. And OMG was it good! So good, that I actually went out yesterday and bought a bucket of it. Yup! I haven't bought flavoured yogurt in... at least a year, maybe more. I find it too sweet and artificial tasting. But this yogurt? No artificial sweeteners and absolutely delicious. I tried two kinds, strawberry and blueberry vanilla. Strawberry was by far the best.

If you are a sweet yogurt eater, you may not appreciate this brand. However, if you are like me and kinda miss flavoured yogurts but aren't willing to sacrifice the clean eating to have a fat free one, this may be YOUR next great find.

It's called island FARMS ProPlus, which means Probiotic Yogurt with Prebiotic Fibre.

Check out the nutritional values. Totally worth it to me. And I'm picky!

It was the list of ingredients that was the deal maker. I went over and over them, looking for a deal breaker, and didn't find one. I mean, come on... they even use red cabbage as a colour. How can you beat that??

AAAAAND done. That's my review for the ... month? LOL I never do these things, but had to for this product. It's a Vancouver Island company, so I don't know how long their reach is into Canada or the US, but us Lower Mainlanders are lucky sots, I tell ya.


Spring has officially sprung in Maple Ridge! This tulip is in my garden. I did a little walk about the house yesterday afternoon."

Here are the chives I eat all summer long. Coming in nice and healthy. I love that they come back each year. I have them in my eggs, on my potatoes, in my cottage cheese. I love them!

Our magnolia tree is blooming! This was an anniversary present I gave my husband... five years ago, maybe? I love that we will watch it grow each year and one day, when we are old, we will be able to sit under it and stare up into the blooms.

I don't know what these are called, but they are so sweet. I love blue flowers. Except those blue snowball ones that every gramma has. I hate those ones.

And here's why I was on my walkabout the yard... BBQ!!! Look what I can do!!

Pork loin, marinated in a basil vinegrette. Sweet potato and asparagus, spritzed with olive oil and sprinkled with greek seasoning. Holy yummy goodness!!!

Ahhhh, you can almost smell the summer coming. Now that I'm not big, I don't sweat as much, I actually enjoy summer a helluva lot more.

Excercise for Monday was walking the dogs. And holy shit did it make my hips and groin muscles groan! Muscle fatigue extrodinaire! I'll be doing the same today, just walking the dogs to go pick up my niece. That's it!

Thanks for listening,



Magda said...

This might be a bit of a dumb question, but why don't you just use plain yogurt and slice up some fresh fruit and mix it in the yogurt?

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Not a dumb question at all... and if you followed my blog and read it instead of GYSTING you'd know that plain yogurt with fruit is a common snack in my world. LOL

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Mmmm.... grilled sweet potatoes are spectacular!!

Krista "Phoenix" said...

A) Island Farms anything is good! LOL! there's something about their dairy products that is just plain yummier than anything else! They used to make these yogurt smoothies that my kids were gaga over, Vanillaplus or something like that, with blueberries... they were awesome quick breakfasts on the go, but sadly they don't make them anymore... or at least I can't find them anywhere!

B) DANG... I kill plants! Yours are so pretty though.. and lifelike even! LOL! ;P

C) omg... grilled asparagus... gotta get me some of that! NOW!!! We're planning for bbq'd steak this saturday, I'm SO going to get Asparagus to go along with it! YUM!

D) Reading the comments between you and Magda make me giggle! :) Yer a funny pair!

Chantel said...

Oh man... I miss island farms products SO much! Their yogurts and their frozen yogurts are AMAZING!!

Send me a care package? *much batting of eyelashes*

sweet26 said...

i LOVE new yogurt finds! lots of YAYs for that! and i LOVE seeing signs of spring...even if they're not in my own yard (not that i have one)- it makes me so happy!

Magda said...

your fault.. blah blah food ;) just kidding

kiss kiss