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Thursday, April 23, 2009

She's Nuts!

My mom has lost some weight and got that sleeping thing to stop her apnea. Subsequently she has started cleaning out areas of her house. She phoned me up last week and asked if she could send me stuff. Like pads. She has been in menopause for close to a year, but for some reason has a plethera of pads. Sure, I said!

Well, it came today. I can't even begin to tell you how funny this is. Wait! I'll take a picture!!

Okay, it was VERY sweet of her to think to send me random fun stuff. I've never gotten a care package like this before, so it was really really neat to have the excitement of picking it up from the bus station and bringing it home. I waited until after dinner to open it, to prolong the suspense. Very very cool of mummy.

So what made me laugh so much I had to blog it? The expiry date on that there toothpaste. Anyone want some toothpaste from 1998? LOLOLOL

Mom, I love you, you need therapy for your packrat issues!



Sharon said...

hahahaha, that is hilarious!!! Random!!!

Becca55 said...

how funny... is that a wig? ROFL

The Momma said...

sorry about the expiry dates but I never look at them...lol but not every buddy's moma sends them a eclectic screwdriver or their grandmas wig or or or ear things for your ears for her non runner girl in case she wants to run with tunes. now that is special.....lol and i am send ing the stuff to you so I am not a pack rat so much....lol

The Momma said...

ok ok maybe a little nuts...lol

Krista "Phoenix" said...


♥ Dee ♥ said...

I know! Isn't she fantastic?? It was like Christmas, but funnier!

Mom... a little nuts? C'mon!! Look at the rest of us! We get it from SOMEwhere. As my boys say, you are the "common de-mom-inator". I mean, have you SEEN Mag?


And the ear things? Those ROCK. Way better than anything else I've tried. Thanks SO much for those, mummy.

And the hand cream is awesome. Really moisturizing without being greasy. Fabulous!

The bra things are definately intriguing. They say "adds a cup size". That appeals to me. LOL

I wore the wig last night... my family almost called the loony bin on me. LOLOL

Sarah said...


wright4296 said...

That looked like a wig in the pic! I was like, what the H*LL is that!

Magda said...

What I want.. no demand! is a picture of you with the wig on (I used to with that ding as a kid... )