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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ugh and Rant (in that order)

I didn't do so bad on the food yesterday, but it was very high in sodium, which I'm now paying for. I'll post pics later, although I didn't get one of the Wor Wonton and the McDonald's ice cream cone I had (NSV: I almost said filet 'o' fish with that ice cream, but didn't).

So I get home from work and Steve and I are chatting and he says to me, "oh, there was a co-inky-dink today... rememember when we were laughing in Costco and I was saying buy HydroxyCut? Well, today on the news they are recalling it because it's causing some sort of serious liver damage".


When are people going to fucking learn??? Did PhenPhen not teach ANYONE ANYTHING????


You would not believe how badly this pissed me off. I went on a huge rant (and if you fall into one of these categories, this WILL offend you. You've been warned).

Rant Start:

I don't know who is fucking stupider. The pharmaceutical companies that put this shit out, not knowing what the long term effects will be, if there will be any, or the stupid fucking people looking for a shortcut. How in the HELL do you justify taking something that will make you LOOK healthy (IF it works, which is always debatable) if there are no conclusive tests to it's safety and could KILL YOU IN THE LONG RUN. For Fucks Sake, people!! Phen Phen killed people. They recalled it because of the heart issues. Hello? Does anyone in the medical community remember this? Anyone? I don't expect the generations after to know necessarily about it, but you would think that SOMEONE would make a regulation rule or something about long term results in humans.

And those damn companyies kill me. They know that there are people out there who refuse to take responsibility for their personal choices (yes, they can be hard, but I'm ranting right now and ranting is not always politically correct) and are constantly looking for the magic pill, or the magic elixer, or the magic formula that will magically melt away all their fat and reveal the inner Jillian Michaels/Arnold Schwartzenegger. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. People, really. Come on. If such a thing existed, there would BE no overweight people on Earth. We would have the obesity epidemic under control. Don't you think?

Okay, the medical community actually thought PhenPhen was it. They were prescribing it by the handful. I personally know someone that was taking it. And guess what? She is still close to 300 pounds. Why? Because she chooses foods based on her emotional needs, that's why. It's her choice, and I absolutely love her, but it breaks my heart. Because I know that if there was a magic pill that could help her to control her decision making process, and NOT give her liver failure or heart problems, she'd be all over it.

But it's not going to happen!! And if it is, they need to do 30-50 years of testing on humans to know the actual long term effects. It's called LONG term.

I work goddamn hard for my size (to be smaller). Really fucking hard, emotionally and physically. I refuse to even visit the idea of putting something like HydroxyCut into my body. I don't know what it's going to do. I don't know how my body will react. Hell, even with natural products I'm extremely leary. The natives used them for medicinal purposes... successfully. That tells me that they do affect me. I need to know HOW before contemplating taking something. I research the shit out of it. But at least with herbs I know that they have been around for... oh, I dunno, a bizmillion years? There is at least two hundred years of history to find on the results they have had when consumed by humans, if you look hard enough and research long enough.

When are people going to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible? How many people have to die/develop life threatening ailments before we say "enough is enough". And the fact that it's people who are so desperate for help that they take these products... how sad is that?? People that need the RIGHT help. Someone to personally coach them, mentor them, educate them, and maybe train them. Not many people can afford that. We aren't all movie stars. But we can afford $30 for a bottle of miracle pills. Just in case. This might be the one. It might work. It might save my life. It might... it just might. That's worth it.


It makes me weep. I want to save the world. I want to... but I can't.

Thanks for listening,



angelfire777 said...

Sigh. It's sad but true. Pharmaceutical companies don't give a fuck as long as they are making money, and there are always people who aren't willing to take personal responsibility for their food choices looking for that easy way out. Vicious, disheartening cycle.

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I agree with you. I made that same comment on another blog about calories in + calories out. It took me a long time to realize that and overcome my desperation to lose weight and "buy" into the magic pills being hocked around the globe. It's just plain old diet and exercise. Nothing magical about it.

Krista "Phoenix" said...

Amen Sister!

There was an article on the DailySpark about this, and I loved how they made the point that these diet pill companies are more a mass marketing scheme than a scientific breakthrough... they just want your money!

Diet, excercise, and persistance. You can't capture that in a pill!

wright4296 said...

I saw it on the news, too, and thought 'what the f@*k! there are still people out there actually buying that crap!' Those companies need to be shut down.

charmed i'm sure said...

the thing i never get about those pills is....if you have to take the pills to get "the perfect body" then wouldn't you assume that you would have to continue taking that crap FOREVER to maintain?? I just don't get it either Dee...

And something else that annoys the shit out of me is that stupid nutrisystem commercial where the chick thinks she's badass because she can catch a friggin football...give me a break. Ok - that had nada to do with diet pills but just had to vent :-)

mom2many06 said...

I find it beyond ironic that the consuming public can roast the tobacco companies (and rightfully so) for the damage to thousands of peoples health but the pharmaceutical companies remain untouchable. Consider, for a moment, why.....

Tobacco use brings with it a myriad of health conditions. Some of them life threatening others not so much. But it also presents, to most of us anyway, a conscious choice at an unhealthy lifestyle. They can no longer market and target our vanity with their products. Matter of fact they can't really market at all anymore.

Diet pills and the companies that make them on the other hand....what do they try to represent......a healthy, good looking body. They know the the vast majority are as lazy and unaccountable as the day is long (harsh but true) but we still want to keep up the facade of the healthy lifestyle choice.

It's condescending really. Think about it. Rather than try to do something for the massive masses that will actually HELP them they hit you right where you're most vulnerable....in your self esteem. They DO NOT try to help you be accountable, or responsible for your choices. They DO NOT try to motivate you toward the hard work that a healthy lifestyle entails. They hold you under their corporate money grubbing thumbs with their snake oils and magic pills.

Back to thinking.....years ago the tobacco companies had the ability to poison the public as they saw fit.....then something happened, someone spoke up......things changed....people were informed. We are seeing the effects of that change today. Do we continue to sit back like polite little, and not so little, Canadians and write a few strongly worded letters or are we now motivated to have the pharmaceutical companies held accountable just like the tobacco companies have been?