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Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Again

Today is my insane work day, where I work all of my jobs on one day, from 9am until 10pm. So no time for a real workout. However, I do have my radio on out in the living room, and if I find myself distracted by a toe tapper, I jump up and run out and dance. So I get a bit of a workout... about three minutes at a time. But hey, everything counts, right? LOL

Last night was WONDERFUL. Steve and I took the dogs and went for a walk. I tracked it on www.trackmyrun.com and it was 5.8 km (3.5 miles). It took us just over an hour. Nice!! The dogs were tuckered, lemme tell ya. Those little legs...

It felt good to just get out of the house. And I'm so glad Steve and I connected. I love spending time with him like that. Thank god for reruns on TV, so he's not so tied to it!!

He's been a real rock for me in the past few days. He has no idea what's been happening in my blog world, or with the emotional turmoil I've been going through. I don't tend to share those things with him, prefering to keep my happy home life seperate from my stress areas, so that I have a warm fuzzy safe place. Little does he know, that he's been really helping lately with what he has been telling me.

First he was saying the other night that one of the guys that he works with commented on his travel mug (it has a pic of me blowing him a kiss engraved on it, our tenth anniversary present to him), and saying "god, you mean you have to see your wife's face every time you drink coffee?" And Steve was kinda shocked, he said, because he really LOVES seeing my face all day. Then they had a conversation where the guys were bitching about their naggy negative wives, and Steve came home to tell me how he felt bad for them, because he is so happyily married and really really LIKES his wife and is totally in love with her. Her, of course, being me. A very HAPPY me. He came home to tell me that on the first day of this stress cycle.

Sure there are times where I can bitch about him. Yes, I wish he got off the couch more. But overall? I'm one lucky lucky lady. We never fight. He rescues me when I need it. He leaves me alone when I need it. And he loves me. And he likes me. And he completes me.

Thanks for listening,



spunkysuzi said...

You are one lucky lady :)

Becca55 said...

that is wonderfull dee, you both are lucky!

Squishy ! said...

It's great having a good guy, isn't it? *grins*