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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Aging Parents

My mom lives 12 hours away from me. She's still young, but I wonder sometimes (when I allow myself to go there) what's going to happen when she's old and decrepit (sorry mom!). It turns out there are some GREAT tools out there, such as Medical Alarm.

Remember those old ads with the lady on the floor? "Help, I've fallen! And I can't get up!" Sure, sure, we've all been smashed out of our trees and slurred that line, while our friends laughed hysterically (what, just me??), but actually, it's a damn good idea, these Medical Alarms.

The ones on this Medical Alarm page strikes me as a really great one, because it actually detects a fall. What if your elderly one falls, but cannot reach a button, or knocks themselves out, or pins their arms under something. Scary, but it could happen.

One item is a fall alert, the other is a GPS bracelet. A really good idea for those that have alzheimers, if you ask me.

It seems to me that as our parents age, we need to investigate the tools that are out there. Medical Alarms might be the way to go.



Chris H said...

Yep they are great... but just try getting YOUR old parent to wear one! PfffffT... my Mum refuses to even THINK about it.. she isn't old! Yeah right Mum!