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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Polar or Timex??

I'm seriously contemplating HRM (heart rate moniters).

From what I'm reading online, Polar is the most popular, and I'm leaning towards an F7.

Does anyone have some insight, input, personal experience, heard a friend talking about, or anything you can share with me to shed some light on this crazy world of WTF??

Side Note: I was doing yoga today, and Magda took the time to help me with my poses and posture. Do you know that you learn pretty much nothing about proper postures and proper yoga from a dvd?? LOL

Seriously... I thought I was a master. Soooo not. Soooo sore after her grueling session with me. Now I'm jonesing to go to a real yoga class and learn to do it right and get the most out of my body. I've just been playing at it. This shit can get REAL. eep.



Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

I have a Polar. It's an older model, but works fine. It's been making me crazy so I'm not using it so much anymore. I get really disappointed when I had a what I thought was "good workout" and the HRM tells me I burned way less calories than I expected. I liked it better when I thought I was burning more than I actually do ;P

charmed i'm sure said...

I have the Polar F7 and was just stressing last night b/c I have used it ONCE in the three months I've owned it........boooo me! But, the time I used it - was brilliant! I'm blowing the dust off mine and using it tonight.

One thing I could not figure out is it kept beep beep beeping at me...gotta look that one up in the manual but - the cal burn function was super cool. Go for it, I say! You will use it much more than me, I am sure Sweets!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Dude! You have one and AREN't using it??

Lean in for a slap! LOLOLOL