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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's another good OP day!

I am on day 9 of being completely OP. Which makes me wonder... what does OP mean to you?

For me, being On Plan means:

- staying within a reasonable range of calories
- tracking every bite that goes into my mouth
- planning my day of eating, rather than winging it (which ALWAYS makes me go off plan)
- being concious of my water intake
- being purposeful of my planned activities (if it's a rest day it's still OP as long as I planned it as a rest day)

It's when I don't plan my food for the day that I end up making choices that blow me out of the water. Like I'll go out and have something, come home and look it up, only to find it was fifteen bizmillion calories... then I'm all like "fuck it" for the rest of the day, and don't bother tracking. Definately off plan at that point, even if I make good decisions... when I have no idea where my calorie count is, and my head is firmly planted in the sand, I am off plan.

But not today!

Here's my eats today:

Br: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 cup almond breeze, 1 tbls PB2, 1/2 banana, 1 tbls chopped toasted almonds, milk & vitamin (310 calories)

Lu: 3 oz roast beast, 2 tbls asiago, 1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts, 4 black olives, 2 tbls green onion wrapped in a tortilla then grilled on the George Forman (378 calories)

Sn: 1/2 cup each of blueberries & pineapple, 1/3 cup ff vanilla yoghurt, 1/4 cup fibre1 cereal (164 calories)

Dn: 4oz pork tenderloin, marinated in 1 tablespoon basil parmesan vinegrette, & one cup leftover vegetarian chili (333 calories)

This is 1184 calories for the day.

Not sure if I'll be working out or not, today. I should get a run in. I haven't done that in a while. It depends on how much work I get done today. :o)

Thanks for listening,



Squishy ! said...

Your idea of "on plan" sounds great to me! Putting in a little time to plan things out sure makes life a little easier. I should do that more often. Thanks for the reminder. *grins* It might save me from whoppers!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

*groan* whoppers. Ugh.

I was wrapping Christmas presents, and sorting out stocking stuffers back a week before Christmas. I had bought each of the boys a little "milk jug" of whoppers. Before I knew it, I had one ripped open, and a handful of them in my mouth.

Here's the kicker... I'm sitting there chewing, in absolute bliss (I was pms-ing), and in my head is a running dialogue about whether or not I will look at the NI. Fat me won. I ate the whole damn jug THEN looked.

Don't look. Actually, DO look. Cuz I will never eat a whopper again. They just are not WORTH it to me. I don't remember what the actual number was... I think I blocked it out. But it was sooo bad.

countryjacket said...

I wish I was better at planning my meals, but I am not. It is something I need to focus on. Thanks for motivating me to do it!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

That old cliche rings so true for me... failing to plan is planning to fail.

Ten minutes in the morning, as I sit down with my breakfast. It takes no extra time out of my day, and means success for me.

You can totally do that!!

Becca55 said...

it is so easy for me to plan breakfast and lunch for me and the bf, but dinner is another story. because when I make food I make alot because thats how my parents want it, therefore there is always leftovers. And as you know the rents are picky eaters so if there are left overs I only have a few choices and trying to plan can be a pain. I always fail tho if I dont plan, any ideas?

freedomii said...

You should have a look at Jan 28th Hungry Girl post.. she has an article about all the different kinds of Almond Breeze out there.

Fatinah said...

for me being on plan means sticking to my points and being active that day.

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Becca, any way you can healthily incorporate last night's leftovers into a doable lunch? Or revamp the leftovers into a spectacular new dinner?