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Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lovefest at NutriMirror this morning

I'm over on NutriMirror this morning, reading journal posts, and there seems to be a lovefest happening! People are talking about why it works for them. I responded to a post, and then thought I'd copy it over here, since I was so impressed with my own profoundness. LOLOLOL

I'm going to take this site to my doctor. The benefits are too incredible not to.

For me, this site has done exactly what I was looking for. I started my journey on Weight Watchers Flex program. Then I moved to Core and discovered eating clean. I maintained while learning that, then realized that I wasn't losing anymore, and I needed something more. I needed an education about the nutritional values of what I was eating.

Thus my quest and finding of this site. I tried fitday and sparkspeople, but they weren't comprehensive enough. And the spam emails! GAWD, leemee alone!! I need to be accountable to ME, not a program. Yeesh!

NM nudges just enough. Not too much. Not to little (for my liking, anyways). And it has taught me about cholesterol (I miss egg yolks) and sodium (*sob* cottage cheese... who knew?), which no other site had the capability of teaching me.

My synopsis? Weight Watchers was a fabulous tool for getting me in the right mindset and teaching me about my capabilities. NutriMirror is the vehicle that will take me through the rest of my (now extended) life.

And on another post from this Goddess:

I'm with you on the focusing on the right areas. I'm slowly losing the weight, and fighting my inner IGG (Instant Gratification Girl). I don't know why it's a struggle. It hasn't been during this whole journey, but all of a sudden I'm impatient. Maybe because I'm so close now. I've lost 61 of the 78 that I originally intended.

I guess in the beginning it was so unreal to me that I could do it. That I would do it. I had to focus on the one pound at a time, because 78 is a ridiculously out there number. But now, it's only 17, and it's not so ridiculous. What's 17, when I've lost 61?? I want it NOW!!

No no no... must continue to lose at a healthy rate, in order to up the statistical chances of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping the weight off. (pant pant pant)

Thanks for listening,



Graciela said...

Hi Dee
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Actually Buster is a Norwich Terrier...yes, he is often mistaken for a cairn. When we went looking for a dog this time, we wanted something a bit smaller than a cairn or a scottie (my last dog). But the personality is definitely similar throughout the various terrier breeds.

P.S. I love your red hair...I have red hair too. :-)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Really? I'm going to have to google that breed, as I'm not familiar with it!

Terriers rock!

I don't have the red hair anymore... unfortunatley. It was awesome, wasn't it? But the maintenance, OY! And the red bled all over EVERYTHING. My husband has GOT to be the most patient man in the universe. LOL