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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Biggest Loser RANT!!

Okay, seriously? WTF?? Black had NO dignity in that win last night. None.

As I was watching them make bad decision after bad decision, I'm shaking my head and discussing it out loud with my son about WHY this is such a bad decision (anything to turn it into a life lesson on health, hee hee), and I'm thinking "Jillian is going to KILL them". And sure enough, how pissed was she?? Sure the team was upset because she made them feel jeuvenile... but come on, like they didn't DESERVE it? They are there for a purpose. She is their trainer. It's her JOB to make sure they understand their decisions. She cannot succeed without their cooperation. I thought she had EVERY right to be as pissed as she was. ESPECIALLY once I saw the whole "we're not telling" bullshit. I mean, if you are going to be a grown up and make a decision, man up! Own it! Don't hide it. That PUTS her in the mom position.

Steve actually said to me that he has heard that same speech from me, the one she was giving them at the table the morning they got back. Yep. But it's a very similar relationship she has with them. Definite paralells between parent and child and trainer and trainee. Both are guiding and teaching and coaching and encouraging, with the occasional stern lecture when needed.

However, Sionne was right to call Jillian on the training issue. I feel (mind you this is ONLY based on moments seen on television, and not necessarily a fair assumption) that Jillian has not engaged 100% in those boys. She knows how strongly they felt about leaving Bob and I don't think she really worked to get their trust. If she had, Sionne wouldn't have exploded on HER about trust. The fact that she let them go back to Bob without a fight, with the whole "I don't have to deal with them anymore" spoke volumes to me. She abandoned them from the moment she got them, imo.

And then the black team wins the challenge. That was so incredibly unfair. I mean, yes it was fair according to the numbers, but the only reason I think Mike did well is because he's not of age to drink, so he couldn't have taken part of the frivoloties, which is why Black had the extra point. That and that +2 from Mandy. Wasn't THAT a shocker!!!

Either way, there was no dignity in that win.

Okay, rant over.

Thanks for listening,



Magda said...

you said things..... didn't understand a word of it.. fun though

Tamie said...

I so agree. The frustration of watching them flake out with the "free" time, and then knowing that could easily be me. Then thinking, how DARE you hide it from Jillian, who is ONLY there to work your asses out, and to help you get to your goals?? And then to act like you all didn't blow it? OWN IT! Yes we all do it, have done it, but freaking own the damn bullshit.
I was pissed.
And I also agree, I was so choked at Jillian for treating the guys like she did. She DID not help them, she didn't work them out, and she really deserved to be told off. I just had hoped she would have stepped up, apologized, and totally turned it into a huge moment of realization and coming together.

Nope. She blew it. And Jillian could turn me, seriously. But she pissed me off too.

Holy crap, is this MY blog?

sesame said...

I could not BELIEVE the damage in just 24hrs. Speaks volumes. They were OP and busting their buns 6 days of that one week, but that one day made it all fall like a stack of blocks. What a shame.

Their cocky comments were really ticking me off. Eating fries and fried chicken and then talking smack about kicking Blues ass....turns out they were giving their own ass a kicking. Talk about a walk of shame.

I agree with your comments about Sione, however, after his poor weigh in he lost my conviction with his blame on Jillian for his numbers. Um, ok, he had a valid point about the investment of his trainer, but I was uncool with the blame. She didn't shove the calories in his body.

Her reaction to their training with Blue, just validated his point. Proves even leaders can stumble some times.

Squishy ! said...

Yeah, Black Team blew it big time. None of them should have gotten upset about being fussed at, being that it is Jillian's job to get the very best out of them and they wanted to hide things and lie. Yuck.

I don't place all of the blame on Jillian's shoulders about Fillipe blowing his top. I wish that Bob had encouraged the guys and spoke well of Jillian's knowledge and skill, and what she can offer them. Instead, he was crying like a baby and whining over how hard it was to see them in black shirts. While Sione seems to have still been working hard, even though he didn't feel a connection with Jillian- I didn't see any footage that suggested the same about Fillipe. If I were trying to work with a guy who made it so clear how much he hated working with me, I think that I'd have hard time with it. I still think that she did the wrong thing in not working with him that day though. That was wrong of her, and they should have settled the problem right then, instead of the guys running off to Bob to save them.

Anonymous said...

It was such an entertaining episode last night!

Angie All The Way said...

Okay so I refrained from reading this yesterday because I still hadn't watched it, but I watched it last night and OMG! I totally AGREE 100% with what you said inclusive of the part about Sionne. The guy was working out the entire time there in the gym and she would go from person to person to person and then they LEFT and he was STILL there. It IS her job to try to make that work. I mean maybe he was overly attached to Bob and showed it, but c'mon! These people go from one extreme to the other and only do it by trusting the trainer! Maybe he's got "girl issues" that they haven't shown, especially given the fact that in Kristen's head to head challenge she continuously brought up the "being beat by a girl" idea. Who knows really, because you're right, it's edited.

Yeah I pretty much covered my eyes as I saw them drinking and then eating that "extra" stuff after. Booze totally takes over on the inhibitions ALWAYS.

I was super surprised about Mandi's WI too, they made it look like she was going to kick ass! I was also suprised that Bob even spoke up about "stress having an affect on the body." Jillian would have NEVER given the contestant that benefit of the doubt ever! I'm not sure he was right to do that, but then again there was no mention of her overeating either. Hard to tell.