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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bad Food, Good Excercise

So I went out today to Mission to visit one of my bestest girlfriends ever. She works Sunday mornings in the little corner store/cafe, so I had breakfast there and visited. While waiting to for her to get off work, I decided to go for a run.

Now here's the thing... I have Sun Run coming up in two weeks. That's 10km. And have I been training? Hells no! Am I a little freaked out about it? Hells yes! But I keep telling myself that I'm in great physical shape, so I can do it with minimal training and not suffer too badly. The good news is, I can!

I decided to "run around the block". Yeah, except this is out in the boondocks. I ran one and a half blocks. I ran around the first one, and back to the store, and saw that only 40 minutes had past. Tracy wasn't off for another 20, so I told her I'd just meet her at her house. I think at that point she thought I was nuts. I got to her house about two minutes before she did.

I took the car on the route and traced it out... 9.4 km!!! In an hour ten minutes!!! And it did NOT kill me!!! Granted, I walked that last 3km, at least half of it. But that's okay. I'm not looking to break any records, I'm just looking to DO it. The fact that I'm not a runner, and can do a 10km run in under two hours tickles me no end.

And no, I'm not a runner. I don't enjoy running. It KILLS my lower back. I have to do all kinds of yoga to counteract the pain I suffer when I run long distances multiple times. The only time I enjoy it is if I have shit on my mind and I need to move and sort it out. Then running is great. Then it allows me to pound my way through and figure out my life. That's when I love it. Especially if it's drizzly out. I hate running in the cold. I hate running in the hot. I hate how red my face goes. I hate the back ache. I love the glory. Hee hee.

Bad food, I said, right? Yeah. I had for breakfast scrambled eggs, a slice of fried ham, two sausages, two slices of bacon, two slices of brown toast, oodles of jam, and a potatoes worth of hash browns. None of it was low fat nuthin. Greasefest 2009. Then, after my run I ate a Dark Mars bar. Damn, I love those things. THEN we went to the fair. And what did I proceed to indulge in? A corn dog, a bag of mini donuts and a lemonade. Oooooo. I woulda had kettle corn, but they didn't have any. I did impusively buy a bag of popcorn, but then realized my ridiculousness and gave it to Tracy's munchkin, who was very happy and made it totally worth buying to see the joy on her face as she happily munched and crunched. I left them shortly after that to come home. Hopefully Ashley doesn't end up puking up that popcorn after going on all the rides... lol.

I'm not sure if I'm eating dinner tonight. I'm certainly not hungry right now. But if I do, it will be vegetablrific, I tells ya. I'm craving nutrition now. Which is always the case after days of bingeing. Thank goodness my body loves the good stuff. I can only eat crap for so long before I crave salad badly. But it was a GREAT food vacation!!

Thanks for listening,



Sharon said...

Great job with the exercise! And I think everything will balance out in the end, so don't fret about your food eats! :)

JavaChick said...

It sounds like you had fun! One day of bad eating now and then is not the end of the world. And it sounds like you are ready for your 10K. :)