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Thursday, April 9, 2009

*shakes fist at neanderthals*

What gives people the right to yell out their car windows and shatter someones day and self esteem? What gives them the RIGHT????

I fucking hate people sometimes.

It didn't happen to me. But that doesn't mean that the sentiment doesn't piss me right off. And I have had it happen to me before. Have you had it? When you are walking down the street, minding your own business and some young punk (it's always some young punk) whizzes past with his buddy hanging out the passenger window and yell something at you like "EAT A SALAD", or "FATTY" or some other intelligent crack.

And the worst? When you are OBVIOUSLY excercising or on your way to an excercise place, wearing your runners and your water belt and your workout gear. Why THEN would someone assume the right to demean and humiliate you with a fatty comment? I mean, ffs (for fucks sakes), if said fat person is sitting in a fucking chair in McDonald's with five sandwiches, three large fries, six pies and a diet coke in front of them, that's one thing (still not acceptable, but you get my point), but to do it when they obviously ARE doing something about it? What gives you the fucking right, ffs?

People need to shut the fuck up and mind their own goddam business. You have NO idea where someone is in their journey, so you have NO fucking right to say a fucking word. How do you know that the person you are screaming obscenities and spewing filth at didn't just work their ass off to lose 100 lbs, and still has 75 to go? Or if they were just diagnosed with a horrible disease that will kill them if they don't lose weight, and are struggling to get in the right mindset? How dare someone take the initiative to let someone ELSE know that they are fat? Like we don't KNOW that? Like humiliation and degredation will all of a sudden make a lightbulb go off in said fat persons head and make them all of a sudden healthy and want to lose the weight?

NO!!! Instead, you make them feel dejected, humiliated, defeated, and less than human. You make them afraid to walk the streets, and confine them to their homes where they will either burrow in their fridge for comfort, or maybe, just maybe, work their asses off via DVD, because they don't feel they have the strength to face further humiliation by showing themselves on the street, even if it's to head to the gym.

Fucking people. I fucking hate people sometimes.

Thanks for listening,



Chantel said...

I don't think it makes sense, no matter WHAT the person is doing. I've had it happen, on many occasions. I've had people circle around so they can yell again...

I also hate people sometimes. But you can't let it eat you up, because there's not much you can do about it...

Becca55 said...

I have gone through this myself, and I used to hate people too, but then I realized that they are just ignorant and don't understand. Most of the time they have nothing better to do then cut other people down because they dont have much self esteem. There isnt anything you can do, but just ignore it and as I said I have been there all my life and it was always easier said than done.

spunkysuzi said...

Hubby gets a lot of people yelling at him while he's on the bike!! It really pisses him off as well.

wright4296 said...

Know what I call those people . . . FUCKERS!

Lyn said...

This is a great post, Dee. Just the other day, my SKINNY friend told me that after she had her baby... just a couple weeks after he was born... she went out with the jogging stroller and was JOGGING but it was a slow pace, and some teens slowed down to scream "way to go speed demon" at her. I dont know wtf is wrong with people!

BTW thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog this morning... it means a lot to me!! {{{{HUGS!!!}}}

Magda said...

Ipod? music device? who listens to/can hear what people say??? Just listen to tunes then all people are yelling you're awesome bc you can't hear a word they are saying :D