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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sushi Date!!

I've had the Avon order of a friend's for like two weeks? Maybe three? We've both been crazy busy and unable to connect. Finally we set a Sushi Date and it was yesterday... and it was FABULOUS!!!

You see, I don't really know this friend. Her name is Krista, and I started stalking her through a WW buddy that was blogging about how amazing she is. I checked out her blog (I'd post it here, but I'm not sure if it's private or not, so out of respect I won't) and was instantly hooked. Not only is this girl funny, she's totally real. And if you know me at all, you know that real is how I roll.

So yesterday was the first time REALLY meeting in real life. I've literally only met her for about two minutes in the past, when I dropped off Avon books to her outside of Michael's where she worked. Thank GAWD she happened to be outside when I got there, and I didn't have to go in! (if you are new here, that place sends me into panic/anxiety attacks. not pretty, completely embarrassing, and a little humiliating)

I loved loved loved how instantly we connected. I felt that I could talk to her about anything, and she would never sit in judgement of me and my choices. We had the same wide eyeballed "are you kidding me???" moment when a shrieking child went off in the booth behind me, and then was racing up and down the aisle. Although... there was a moment where he stopped and stared at us, and was the cutest little poppet EVER... but still. Control your child!!! This is a bloody restaurant. This set us off on a huge conversation of what we find acceptable and what we don't of child guests in our home... it was awesome!

And, we shared amazing foods. And one that was completely disgusting, but now we know...

I had so much fun ordering stuff I had never tried before. Krista is a pretty tame sushi eater, but she definately stepped outside her comfort zone. And she introduced me to new stuff, too!

On to the pics! (none of Krista, sorry... I'm a good friend and respect when someone says "no pics of me, please"... I didn't even SNEAK one!!)

This is the restaurant, from my booth. I was waiting for Krista to arrive, and I'm sure people were wondering what the hell I was doing, holding my camera up and taking pics... lol. This one faces the entrance. The restaurant is called Sui Sha Ya Japanese Restaurant, and it's (deceptively) at #220 - 2991 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam. I say deceptively, because it's technically Pinetree Village. Except it's beside Best Buy. Which is about two blocks NORTH of Lougheed Hwy.

Okay, this is the menu...

I had no idea what Robata was... turned out the seafood one is seafood covered in a cream sauce and baked. I ended up ordering a Kaki Robata, too, and it was a whole oyster in the half shell, covered in cream sauce and baked. Spicy tofu is YUM!!! It's one inch cubes, flash fried in a chili infused oil, I think, then drizzled lightly with a sauce... and it is SO good. We ended up ordering more. That was one of the things I was so proud of Krista for trying!

Mmmmm, salmon sashimi!! I tried chopped scallop roll, and it was awesome! Ebi Tempura roll rocked. Christa ordered the BC roll and we tried the Yam Tempura roll. I liked the BC, but not the Yam. It was too sweet for me.

This is the Kaki Robata. Exciting!!! The cream sauce was weird. I didn't eat it all. But I sure enjoyed that oyster!

Okay... this is (from front to back) Ebi Tempura roll, BC roll, and Chopped Scallop roll. All delish, and orderable again.

Mmmmmm, gyoza. I know Steve would love these.

This is the Seafood Robata. It was absolutely vile. I cannot even begin to tell you how displeasing this was to my happy tastebuds. It definately fell into the "no thank you" category.

So, we ordered more after this, but I was so caught up in the frenzy of yumminess that I forgot to take pictures... lol. And then we spent a good hour just chatting. It was the BEST lunch. I so enjoyed myself. We are most definately doing that again.
Then, when we parted ways, I went veggie shopping at the Oxford Market. I have never shopped there before and was impressed with the selection! It's a veggie store. A farmer's market (here in the lower mainland, I don't know if that means the same as in other places. We have an ACTUAL farmers market uptown in Maple Ridge, where the farmers come out with stuff, but then we have stores run by asian folks that have veggies trucked in for ridiculously cheap compared to grocery stores, and they are called farmers markets, too). But they have gai lan, and baby bok choy and other exotic veggies there, too... for really reasonable prices! I'll have to take mummy out there next time she's down. If I have the time, I'd travel back there to do my grocery veggie shopping.
So I left there happy. I'm driving along and I'm thinking of what I'm going to wear that night. I have a date with my husband to a pub fundraiser at the Legion. Normally I don't go to those, but I screwed up gysting the invite and signed up for it (I have huge issues with using alcoholic events to support children. The only time I've ever seen it, though is for elementary school fundraisers and this being cadets it didn't set off my alarm bells like it usually does). So anyways, I'm thinking about my outfit, and I'm realizing that I don't have shoes OR a purse to go with my dress. Damn. So after a couple more stops for grocery/household items, I start the hunt. Dum da dum dum.
First, shoe warehouse. GREAT sales there. Coulda spent a fortune. Nothing leapt at me.
Next VV Boutique (Value Village, our local Big Brothers charity store). Found a pocket book that was PERFECT. $3.99. WOOT! But the BEST woot of ALL??? COWBOY BOOTS!!!!! pant pant pant pant. They so ROCK!!!!!! And they are already worn in, and they are brown and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!
From that high, I decided to bypass home and head to the mall. I figured I'd have a look in Zellers, then Pay Less, and if there was nothing, I'd stuff cotton in the toes of a pair I have that I flop around in like I'm playing dress up, and they'd have to do.
Well, I get to Zellers, and I find the perfect pair! And they are on sale from $30 down to $14.99. I dance up to the till only to find out they are half price again! $8.00 shoes, baby!!!!
I had the BEST time at the cadets thingy. Cindy and I sold 50/50 tickets and collected $728. It was so much fun! I love love love older folks. The legion was a total hoot. The "band" was a guy with a songboard and and electric guitar. He sang Roy Orbison, Elvis, The Big Bopper, all of them, and he did them perfectly! I danced The Twist... LOL. I wished my Sammy was there... she woulda danced with me all night. As it was I only got to dance two songs.
So I did have an amazing time last night, so I'm really pondering my moral dilemma around fundraising for kids at alcoholic venues. I have to chew on it for a while. Elementary schools are a definate line in the sand for me, but for older kids? Do I have issues around that? We had HUGE debates about it last night. Debates is too strong a word. Discussions. I've never thought about it, because all our kids were in elementary school for past events, and it was an instant no in my mind. But now I'm chewing on new thoughts. Especially now that I've seen one in action. And it's not a pissfest. I don't know. I'll have to ponder.
Oh, and the day ended off with Steve and I winning the grand prize. Dinner and a movie. A $100 at the Keg, BABY!!!!
What an AMAZING day!!!!!

Thanks for listening,



Krista "Phoenix" said...

Ok LOVE the shoes, LOVE the boots, and LOVED our date! :) Too bad we didn't love the spicy tuna roll... ew that was gross. I too had a blast though, spicy tuna aside, and it WAS great finally getting a chance to sit down and visit and get to know you better!

Ok ya, what's up with the whole fundraisers at pubs for schools... my kids school does a pub fundraiser night at the Cat and the Fiddle too... it's WEIRD! Nothing sais come support our youth like gettin hammered at the local watering hole... huh?

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Oh the spicy tuna roll. *shudder*

charmed i'm sure said...

oh wow! too cool that you guys met and had lunch...wish i wasn't so far away....whhhhaaaa! And that lunch looks so damn good - i'm hungry....now! :-)

EricaAnn said...

So, no seafood robata then? lol, I'll take your word for it :)
You are really rockin this lifestyle thing!
Thanks for being an example when I feel sorry for myself at Easter that I can't have any chocolate,lol...it's all I can smell since everyone in my house is eating it...haha *I'll live*
I bought myself a book instead