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Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pssst... Guess What Day It Is....

Biggest Loser Finale / Popcorn Day!!!

Could I be more stoked? I think NOT!!

Today's food all revolves around balancing for popcorn indulgence tonight.

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday's Strawberry Kiwi Green Monster, but I added a tablespoon of oat bran to it. Pumpin up the nutrients!

I enjoyed my oatmeal for lunch yesterday so much that I chose to repeat it today!

And there is something about the flavour combo of craisins, chocolate and almonds... for snack I was craving it again, so I put it on top of PB2 on a 1/2 bagel! Woot!!

Dinner is an orgy of salad with a side of rare beef. YUM! My salad is baby greens, romano cheese, black and green olives and a smattering of Mediterranian Vinigrette. Damn, I can't spell. Meh, too lazy to transfer it to Word and spellcheck it.

Okay, so who's watching it tonight? You? I am ! I totally know Tara is going to win, but still... I almost want Mikey to scoop it from her. Although I'd hate to give Ron the satisfaction.

Who can't you wait to see? For me it's Danny and Kristen. I hope they have been able to really work it. Danny was my first pick to go all the way. I cried when he was voted off. Stupid David.

If Helen wins... half the world will be mad! Most of us don't think she deserves it after sacrificing her daughter.

Either way, it should be interesting. I'm so looking forward to it. The only kinda bummer is that Logan is sick with the flu and may not be joining us for family night. It would be sad to watch it without him.
Thanks for listening,



Squishy ! said...

I'm watching, Dee! I hope that Tara wins, but I wouldn't be too disappointed if Mike won. His arrogance over it all kind of got on my nerves, but he's too cute to hold a grudge against. *chuckles* I can't really feel good cheering for Helen, for the reason that you stated. You can tell from video that her daughter hasn't been successful at working off weight at home, and that makes it even harder to support her after she threw her kid under the bus.

I can chatter with you later though. I need to fire up the DVR and watch TBL, minus commercial breaks. lol

Fatinah said...

I felt so let down when the winner was announced on BL.......

wright4296 said...

Nice cup! We have a few of those still kicking around, too. :)