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Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day in the life...

Well, the day started out dramaful (it's my blog, I can make up words if I want to), but it was worked out and nipped. Suffice it to say, the breakup is complete, and that should be the end of my part of it.

Onward and upward!

This summer has been ridiculous as far as maintaining is going. I'm maintaining... ten pounds HIGHER than my highest I want to be. Pfft!!

So, the eats today had to be good, and I had to do some working out.

Eats: (no pics still... damn camera is hating on the batteries. dunno why, other than it's old and persnickety)

Breakfast: cottage cheese, ground flax & blueberries, milk and vitamins
Lunch: double italian bison cheeseburger (yep AND stayed within caloric budget. HA!)
Dinner: cod burrito & salad
Snack later: yogurty goodness (yogurt, fruit, granola, choco chips)

Excercise: 266 calories burned on a power walk that was an hour long.

Now, onto the interesting stuff...

I ran an experiment last week. I wanted to see how many calories my body burns on an average work day with no excercise. So at 9:30 pm I strapped myself in to my HRM and prepared for bed. Here are my posts on NutriMirror:

An experiment...

I'm running an experiment with my heart rate moniter. I'm wearing if for a 24 hour period of normal activity with no excercise, just to see what my caloric burn is. Interesting, huh?

The only thing is that the sensors dried out while I was sleeping, so it didn't register, but I have no idea for how long! So I may be off by a couple or a couple of hundred.My thought is I'll have to do it again, without the sleeping part, and work out the difference... no, that won't work. Hrmph. Any suggestions? Can I stick wet cotton balls between the sensors and my skin?

The Experiment... Results

The result: After 24 hours the HRM reads 1540 calories burned.

- No excercise.
- Average work day.
- Sensors dried and don't know how long it went without recoding while I slept. Probably not more than 300 calories. During the day was 1300, so what do you think... a third the calorie burn while sleeping? Anyone know?


The Experiment... cont'd

I've been googling like mad and found that I burned around 660 calories while I slept (according to this)

Does that seem high to anyone else? Mind you, another site said we burn approximately 77 calories an hour whilewe sleep, which (yes I slept ten hours) would be 770, so maybe not.

That puts my grand total during a non excercise day at ... 2200 calories??? Really??? Whoa! To maintain!!

I don't think that's right. It seems much too high. That would mean that to lose a pound a week I should be eating 1600 calories, without excercise (plus any excercise calories earned). Yet when I eat around that, I don't lose at all.

Harumph. Back to the drawing board.


So? What's your thoughts? Care to weigh in, so to speak? I'd love to hear everyone's opinion...



~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I just checked my calories burned on that site and it was over 720 a night. That's insane!

I don't get it...

Magda said...

Do some research on what kind of gel you can use to keep the sensors wet... oil would probably work.. but might damage the unit... try contact polar? Either that or any of the medical jellies... should work :)

Laura said...

That is an interesting experiement. wow. I need to know that info...it could be handy.

Camevil said...

Bison is all kinds of yum. We're having bison steak tonight. mmmmm

That's an interesting experiment. Now I have more reason to find sleeping as my favorite exercise!

antgirl said...

Interesting experiment. I should get me one of those.

Since I work at my computer, I doubt my burn is that high. :)

Jenn said...

Hmmm...actually, that sounds kind of right! When I was researching my base calorie burn, I came up with close to 2,800 calories, and that was based on when I weighed 224 pounds...
I do find, however, that I am losing weight better on a 1,500 calorie diet, even though technically I should lose 2 pounds a week eating at 1,800 (1,000 calories less per day than my base calorie burn)...