If you have issues, or baggage, you may be offended by what you read here. I work through my self loathing of my own fat, and my own fat issues, and I’m told this comes across as loathing all fat people. That is simply not the case.

Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I hereby declare and proclaim...

I will not indulge in copious amounts of crap this weekend, just because it's the weekend. NO!!

I have no bbq's I have to go to. I have no bar nights planned. Just soccer on Sunday, and a good book to read. I will recover from this damn cold, and I will eat in moderation, and I will move a bit to burn some calories.

Side Note: This is what I'm listening to right now...







She's sitting on the couch beside him barking at him every time he says it. *snort*

Two hours and we've had four potty in the house instances. I think it's safe to say that this poor pup is discombobulated. Poor thing. Just about killed Steve though. I hear him roar "GET THE HELL OUTSIDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and I go running out to see what happened, and he tells me she shit on the carpet. So I deal with the dog, come back and he's sitting on the couch. Um, hello? Are you not going to clean that up? He looks at me shocked and says "I thought you were handling it!". I guess I got crazy eyes cuz he leapt up and ran for the bathroom saying over his shoulder "I got it, stop looking at me like that!". ROFL

I took some food pics yesterday. But not all of them. I missed the donair I had for lunch (nsv, is that I usually get the Greek one, with a huge scoop of feta on it, but I didn't this time, I got the regular one which is still big, but without the ridiculous 300 calories of feta on it), the bowl of banana gelato, the McDonald's ice cream cone and the dark chocolate Coffee Crisp. But I don't want to talk about those... :)

This was my breakfast, though! Cottage cheese, banana, chocolate chips and almonds, YUM!

Lunch was something I'm definately going to repeat today. Garlic pesto wrap, sprouts, cheese, tomato and red onion with a squirt of mustard. Holy delicious and fresh tasting!!

Isn't it pretty and colourful?? If I was hungry right now I'd make one cuz it's totally titallating me. Is that bad?

This is today's "starting the day right" breakfast! (NSV for me... Saturday mornings usually mean way too much coffee and no food). It's yogurt, banana, choco chips and Omega-3 Blue Menu granola goodness.

Sam, if you are reading this, don't stress about Maddy. She's a dog, doing what a dog does. You know... when dogs don't understand English and don't get "you must pee and poo outside cuz that's the house rules". And apparently Oscar and Morgana don't care to tell her the rules. Probably cuz they are hiding from the squirt bottle thinking "better her than us!". ROFL Seriously, she's fine. She'll continue to be fine. It is all funny and good. She'll figure out the rules. It takes time. We are dog people and totally know it!



Anonymous said...

omg - I just about peed myself reading about your dogs.... sounds like dealing with kids! "stop running in the house!" run run run..... "stop running in the house!" run run run.....