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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a workout!!

It was soccer night tonight. And for one reason or another, I was the only one that showed. But I was prepared to be, and in the mindset that I wanted the workout.

And I had a BLAST!!!

I practiced dogs.
I volleyed with the wall for ages at a good intensity.
I ran the field with the ball a number of times.
I practiced running and kicking with my left to the right, and vice versa.
I practiced kicking with precision.
I practiced cornering with the ball by doing tight (as tight as I could) figure eights around the goalposts.
I practiced more dogs.
I practiced scoring from a running start.
I practiced aim.
I practiced breathing techniques.
And probably more, but I can't think of anything.

Oh yeah, I also jumped up on a low bench with both feet 30 times, and did stepping knee raises ten times each side.


The only reason I stopped at an hour and fifteen minutes was because I could feel hot spots on my heels. I don't want blisters!

Total Time: 1:30 (including 15 min cool down).
Zone: 131 - 193
Total Time in Zone:
Average Heartrate: 136
Max Heartrate: 176
Calories Burned: 602

I can see the difference from when others are there in the Max and the Calories. With the team it would take over two hours to burn that many calories. And the max is usually in the low 160s, just from the standing and waiting. My heartrate isn't sustained during practice, thus spiking it when I push the effort.

What does this mean? More nights out versing a wall!! If it burns that many calories, and is THAT much fun... I will most definately do that again!

Now... my Kingdom for a ball that stays properly inflated.

PS: Shoutout to Sesame, who provided me with a new mp3 for tunes. Woot!! I've convinced the boy to put workout tunes on it for me. He's all serious at the computer right now, listening to beats. :) :) :)


Watching and Weighting said...

hey gorgeous dee - thanks so much for your protein comment - pointers please! what can i add?? I have had salmon 3 times ths week - thats protein right??


love liz xxxx