If you have issues, or baggage, you may be offended by what you read here. I work through my self loathing of my own fat, and my own fat issues, and I’m told this comes across as loathing all fat people. That is simply not the case.

Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

This blog is not meant to inspire anyone. I take no responsibility for what you take away from here. You are here as a guest into my inner thoughts.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Looking forward to today!

Well, it's 6am and here I sit in front of the computer with the coffee burbling away. Jeeeez! My internal clock is rather rigid! My eyes popped open at 5:41. LOL

So after consulting with everyone, I have done the deed with Logan. Kristy had a faboo idea about earning his way off grounding. So he is grounded to his room, with no tv, video games, phone, computer, or social life. He is allowed out to go to the bathroom, grab his meals, do the dishes. The only other reason he is allowed out is to do household chores. When he does one, he writes it on a list on the fridge. I decided based on that list, when and what he has earned back. But I'm not telling him what chores to do, that's up to him. It's HIS responsibility to earn his freedom back.

Stay tuned... he could be in there for a while.