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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heavy Thoughts

My son's grandfather, my ex FIL, is in hospital tonight, and the next 48 hours are critical. Basically a deathwatch, with a 48 hour hope. Sigh.

He went in for a heart attack, and they have everything to do with that under control. It's the detoxing from alcohol and smoking that is killing him. Literally. He's dying because his lungs are expelling all the gunk that has built up over the last 50 years from smoking, but his body isn't expelling it quick enough and he's choking on it. They have a breathing tube in him, because he's failing.

If you smoke, quit now, while you can. Quit before you get to a place where the quitting kills you.

Both of my sons smoke. So does my husband. They choose death.

I reject it.

Thanks for listening,



Marisa said...

Aw, Dee -I'm so sorry. Saying prayers for all of you tonight :(

The Momma said...

that is sad sweet heart i am glad you chose life

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Me, too, mummy. Me, too.

Thank you, Marisa.

It turns out he has developed pnemonia, and the infected liquid is battling the harsh antibiotics. That's the 48 hour watch they are on.

Yeek, I'm so glad I quit smoking. Is it bad that I hope my husband is hit by a bus, so I don't have to suffer watching him die a slow agonizing death, choking on his own body??

angelfire777 said...

omg - that is truly tragic. After a hundred or so attempts, I quit smoking just over four years ago, and have never looked back. A story like this really affirms my choice, as I hope it affirms yours. Thank you for sharing it. Hugs to you.

sesame said...

If I hadn't all ready walked away from smoking, this battle that Butch is fighting would have made me.

I confess, I have been angry with our smoking loved ones this week. I can't help but think about how their smoking could impact you....