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Here I talk about my issues and my findings, without political correctness. I am not concerned with your issues, or your baggage, or what you may take from this. The title is "My Journey".

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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Road to Hell is Paved With...

Doughnuts. More specifically, apple fritters. From Tim Horton's. Damn my oldest son who brought that into my home and forced me to inhale one, screaming internally the entire time. (yeah, like it's HIS fault I'm a food addict. pffft)

The good news is that I'm still well within my caloric budget for weight loss for the day.

I actually did pretty good all day, except for that frittery moment (which was a total 10, btw, which is the only reason I ate the WHOLE thing instead of the bite I was going to).

Breakfast was a Green Monster with vitamins. Today's had 1/4 cup each of milk, almond breeze and plain yogurt, a half a very ripe banana, vanilla, 50grams of tofu, and a tablespoon of flax, whipped up with a good handful of spinach. Total Calories: 257

Lunch I was indecisive, since I haven't gone shopping yet. So I raided the cupboards and came up with this bowl. It has couscous, fried tofu, mushrooms, tomatos and Frank's hot sauce. Total Calories: 237
Snack was the stupid fritter first, then, after my workout and during grocery shopping I got stupid hungry, so I ate a Larabar. Total Calories: 500 (wow)

Dinner is YUM! I picked up a rotisserie chicken and a bag o spinach. I have here three ounces of spinach, smeared with a tablespoon of mom's caesar dressing (wicked good), with a half a chicken breast, a quarter cup craisins, and a garlic cheese flax toast slice. Total Calories: 581

And here is a pic of my mummy's new puppy!

She wouldn't cooperate at all, lol.

I've done really well with workouts today. I did a Denise Austin Dance DVD earlier, which was an hour long, and tonight we are going to the track to run. Ooo, that's cool! Because I just realized that I'm all in the green on NutriMirror WITHOUT the running!! So I'm doing even BETTER than I thought!!
Go me!!
Thanks for listening,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about the Americano Misto on Fatinah's blog. I'm gonna use that! I wonder why it is less calories than a latte, when both are coffee and steamed milk.

♥ Dee ♥ said...

The secret is the "americano" part. That's got hot water in it. As does a "misto".

Americano is half hot water, half coffee.

Misto is half steamed milk, half hot water. Put it together and you have half the calories, but all the taste.

Last time I had this: Grande Skinny Caramel Decaf Iced Americano Misto.


spunkysuzi said...

Ah now you know how i feel at work when they take those apple fritter out of the glaze still warm :)

Magda said...

lol you're one of 'those' people.. I'm so chuckling my ass off at you

♥ Dee ♥ said...

You mean about the coffee, Magda?

*shifty eyes*

what? i like em...